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Our journey to health began when we started building a family.  Since it was no longer just about us, we realized we needed to dig down and research how the body works and what prevents it from working optimally.  

We live in a society that tends to want to take short cuts.  These short cuts in our food and personal care products are doing damage that I believe is contributing to the increase in illness.

We learned more and more that what we eat and what we put on our bodies is either bringing harm or healing to our cells, tissues, and body systems.  By starting small and changing to a more organic diet, we then detoxed our home of toxic cleaning products and toxic personal care products and began to FEEL and SEE the positive results.  

A struggle to find a non-toxic deodorant that actually WORKED is what birthed this business.  I tried several recipes, and finally landed on this recipe that we have named PIT STANK PASTE. I started making some, sharing with friends and family, and now, here we are!  Stay tuned as we add more and more products so we can help you embrace health by changing the products you use everyday!

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