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Currently, our store front is on amazon.  



& Shipping

Click here to see all forms of payment that Amazon currently accepts.  Through Amazon Prime membership, your shipping will depend on availability at Amazon warehouses.  If we are shipping to you from our headquarters, Amazon will charge shipping.  If you are local, email us and we can work possibly work out pick up.


I am having irritation when starting PIT STANK PASTE.  Why?

THIS IS COMMON if you are new to any recipe with baking soda. It does not mean you can never use this product, but it may mean you should back off until you can find out why the acid mantle of your skin is disrupted.

Use of conventional deodorants and antiperspirants can cause major build-up of toxins which can change the pH of your skin as they begin to release when you change to a natural product.  Over-use of antibiotic soaps can also disrupt a healthy acid mantle that the skin should have in order to tolerate baking soda.

Here is some more information if you are experiencing rash or if you want a pit detox recipe. 

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